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Things you should NOT DO.

Even though it’s called a laptop, you shouldn’t place it directly on your lap. Placing it on your lap or on any of these other places will cause your laptop to overheat and stop functioning.


~ Directly o                              ~ Bed.                                   ~ Rug

~ Pillow                                    ~ Comforter                         ~ Cloth Table

~ Direct Sunlight                     ~ Couch                               ~ Any Cloth Surface

~ Leave in Car

Remember, always turn off your laptop before transporting it to another location.  Do not just close the lid and put it in your laptop bag, it will cause it to overheat and fail.  

Things you should DO.

Place your laptop on a flat surface such as a board or a lap desk.  This allows the laptop to have proper air flow on the bottom.  You should bring it in to have it professionally cleaned once a year for routine maintenance.

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