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About Us 

Our company is the area's premier laptop repair specialist.
Our team is highly skilled, and we guarantee satisfaction.

Unlike most computer repair centers, our technicians have years of
electronics training and experience in laptop repair.  We have also
invested in premium soldering equipment to safely remove the old
DC power jack from the laptop and replace it with a new DC power
jack without damaging the motherboard. .

Do you have a cracked screen?  Do you have lines going across or up
and down.  Most likely you have a bad LCD screens.  We have LCD
screens for a fraction of the cost and all LCD screens come with a
90 Day Warranty.

Constant pop-ups?  Laptop starting up EXTREMELY slow?   You may
have Spyware or even a Virus.   We can remove the Spyware and
Viruses without losing your data.

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